Pokemon Go causing furor in Taiwan

Apple Daily: Pokemon Go infuriates Beitou residents, “a one minute walk turned into half an hour”


Pokemon Go arrived in southeast Asia roughly two weeks ago and has caused madness in Taiwan.
– Residents in Beitou (northern district of Taipei, Taiwan) posted the following status update on the Beitou Facebook group, complaining vehemently that, “When going home used to take only a minute but now has turned into 30 minutes, I’m really quite mad. Truly, everyone please return the roads to people who actually need them!”
– There were still thousands of people on the roads at 5 pm, with other netizens criticizing, “This has already severely affected the local residents. Cars are trapped in the middle of the crowds and can’t move at all. This is a road and not a pedestrian area, alright?!”


Other netizens chimed in:
– A motorcyclist wanted to get to work beside me just now and he could only smile ruefully
– Are there no other places to play?
– I can understand the interest in this game but I can’t understand these people’s actions
– The situation in Beitou is out of order. This is ridiculous and has severely affected others
– There’s nothing wrong with the game, but something wrong with the gamers
– My car was one of the ones stuck in the crowd. It couldn’t move and kept being rocked by the crowds. My side mirror was also taken off…
– If only they were this diligent about working or studying…


Pictures as posted in the Beitou Facebook group.

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  • Heartless

    I can’t help but laughing out loud. How can people so shameless?