Song Xiaobao is almost beaten by a mob due to poor attitude?

QQ: Song Xiaobao incites hundred person mob, no comment from organizer of event


Rumors flew thickly on Aug. 22 that actor Song Xiaobao had a severe case of celebrity disease when he was performing at a Cangzhou City event in Hebei.
– This resulted in a demonstration by hundreds and violent gestures
– Many media outlets shared the story on Weibo and it’s now become a trending topic, but the event organizers have yet to respond

The alleged story states that, “Song Xiaobao, a comedic actor who promised he wouldn’t succumb to celebrity disease once he became famous did exactly that at a Cangzhou City event. His actions caused the show to be greatly shortened, leading to great dissatisfaction from the organizers and audience. Conflict arose from this as Song Xiaobao then called 40 people to the scene, further enraging the organizers and audience.”
– This resulted in more than a hundred people surrounding his hotel and the event organizers saying that, “Not a single one of his men will be able to leave!”

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+6,928] How is it possible that Song Xiaobao will suddenly be able to call up 40 people when he’s not on homegrown? How would the organizers dare say that no one will be able to leave? This whole thing smells fishy.

[+6,239] This doesn’t seem possible because Song Xiaobao really isn’t someone with celebrity disease. There must be another reason here.

[+5,240] I really suspect that you guys who support him have been paid off by him. How can you admire such crude and low work?

[+3,309] He couldn’t even stand up straight but was still performing for the audience… I don’t believe that Song Xiaobao has celebrity disease. Do you think Cangzhou City is a small place??

[+2,364] Everyone, there’s no way that Song Xiaobao would act like this, someone is definitely framing him. Think about it, he’s acted in some small productions and a couple dramas. Everyone who’s watched his varieties knows that he’s a very peaceful guy.

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