Wang Baoqiang takes leave of “Takes a Real Man 2”, replaced by Tao and Yang Mi

QQ: Wang Baoqiang resigns from “Takes a Real Man 2”, Tao and Yang Mi joins cast


The second season of Hunan TV’s “Takes a Real Man” is about to commence filming, but Wang Baoqiang has confirmed that he won’t be taking place in filming.
– Cast for the second season will be comprised of actress and singer Yang Mi, Olympic athlete Sun Yang, actress Tong Liya, idol Tao, and actor Jinfu Jiang
– Insiders at Hunan TV have confirmed this matter and that the leading celebrity will be Yang Mi

“Takes a Real Man” (based off Korea’s Real Men) started a military craze in China last year, with Wang Baoqiang giving viewers a deep impression on the show
– The show will start off in Wuhan and will be bolstered with female guests this season
– Yang Mi had always refused to participate in reality shows but was convinced in the end
– Tao and Jinfu Jiang will be flying to Wuhan later tonight

Netizens are voicing rumors that Wang Baoqiang once slapped his manager Song Zhe across the face at a banquet.
– This was because his manager didn’t consult him and turned down an offer to be in the cast of “Running Man 2” and took “Takes a Real Man” instead
– Netizens speculate that Song Zhe wanted to send Wang Baoqiang away in order to create opportunities for him and Ma Rong

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+4,960] Ma Rong I don’t want to swear at you today, but rather I’d like to genuinely interview you to resolve the country’s confusion. There’s one thing that I don’t understand, why you and Song Zhe are enjoying yourselves on the bed, have you ever thought about how hard Baoqiang works outside to earn money for you? What kind of great strength supports you ability to unreservedly say that Baoqiang is a “mad dog” after you’ve done wrong? Don’t you feel the slightest bit shamefaced? You say you feel pain that your innocent children have been embroiled in this, but when you were doing the deed with Song Zhe, didn’t you think that was the greatest hurt you could do to your children? As my heart aches for Baoqiang, I’m more shocked by your matter-of-factness. The country doesn’t hate you for cheating, we’re angry by your attitude after you’ve cheated, your completely unabashed mentality!

[+2,156] Haha, the show is still called “Real Man” after adding some ladies? Did Yang Mi change her gender? As someone who watched the first season, I won’t be watching the second! The first season had real men in it!

[+1,561] Repeat of first comment.

[+1,463] I really don’t like the show anymore after switching to these people. They’re all fake and precocious and don’t fit the show’s name at all. They’re all a bunch of popular idols. No point to it.

[+604] Yang Mi? With her there, the show’s ratings will speedily, speedily decrease~

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