First “LGBTalk Show” starts broadcast on Aug. 18

Yahoo News: Kristy Chu headlines “LGBTalkShow” as the rainbow alliance displays their multiple sides


Popular Taiwanese entertainment figure and professor Kristy Chu hosts “LGBTalkShow” of which the first episode aired on August 18 on YouTube.
– It broke 30 thousand views in two days and have started fervent discussions

The first episode’s topic was “My family is truly cute”, exploring the desire of homosexuals to form families and their emotional journey growing up in their original families.
– One of the show’s guests was lesbian Jovi who attempted in vitro fertilization and now has a baby girl of mixed heritage
– Another was transgender Elson, who lifted his shirt (above) to show everyone the results of his operation

Ep. 1 of LGBTalkShow.

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