Song Xiaobao had an affair with a fan for three years?

QQ: Song Xiaobao had an affair for three years and the fan had multiple abortions for him


Popular Chinese comedic actor Song Xiaobao has been involved in a flurry of scandals lately.
– He’d just been rumored to have almost been beaten by a mob due to his celebrity disease
– News media have come out with rumors on Aug. 23 that he once had an affair with a female fan for three years
– The fan obtained multiple abortions for him. His staff have refused to comment

According to media, Miss A was once a minor actress in Beijing, moving onto selling tea leaves and owned a tea leaves store.
– She was Song Xiaobao’s fan in the beginning and sent him private messages on Weibo about two or three years ago
– Not only did Song Xiaobao respond, but he added her WeChat and asked her out on a date after some conversations
– Because the two were from the same hometown, the two of them quickly ascertained their relationship

After they started dating, Miss A gave up on her career and kept Song Xiaobao company in his day to day life.
– She even once accompanied him to the remote regions for his filming
– She also often gave him advice on his career in comedy, such as his now popular role of playing an old woman
– He often rebuffed her however, telling her, “what do you know of art!”


Miss A was often with Song Xiaobao throughout their relationship, but she wanted to break up at the beginning of the year.
– She’d become pregnant about a year and a half ago and gotten an abortion, now resulting in her body habitually triggering abortions on its own
– She was greatly stricken by this, but Song Xiaobao never asked after her about this

It’s said that Song Xiaobao actually earns very little in the form of performance fees and salary, and he has almost no bonuses.
– Therefore, not only did Miss A invest emotion into this relationship, but she also spend large amounts of money
– Many of the clothes and shoes he wore on shows and performances were bought by Miss A
– He was extremely paranoid however, and kept a tight leash on Miss A
– She decided to break up due to all these pressures

Fans were greatly astonished by this news because not only is Song Xiaobao married, he also has a cute boy and girl who happen to be twins.

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+20,470] My personal opinion is that money is exchanging hands here to create ripples and divert the attention from Wang Baoqiang’s news. Everyone, return your attentions back to Wang Baoqiang!

[+9,529] Has Song Xiaobao recently offended someone… why is it all bad news about him lately?

[+4,971] Although I like Song Xiaobao, I have to say this woman is over the top

[+4,147] What, are artists from the rural countryside easy to bully? Editor, enough of this!!

[+3,689] If it wasn’t for Song Xiaobao being famous and rich, this woman would’ve never gotten together with him

[+3,062] Having “bao” in your name this year seems to be toxic…

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  • thisco

    Why did they blur her eyes, when they ended up showing her face anyway?

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      Lol I was thinking the same thing.

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    I don’t care his private life. I just love his performance.