Tanya Chua dating a hot foreigner?

Facebook: Tanya Chua seems to admit to new relationship? Her lips are kissing up to a hot foreigner in Facebook update


Taiwanese artist Tanya Chua has won three Golden Melody awards in recent years and written many popular songs.
– She was spotted on a date with a foreign man on Aug. 3 and uploaded a photo with this man on Instagram on the 19th, seeming to admit to her latest relationship

Her Instagram caption was “❤JT”, the letters were from each of their first names.
– Netizens were quick to congratulate her saying, “Congratulations! The person I love has found happiness.” and “Are you publicizing your relationship? I hope you always remain happy!”

Netizens hunted out the man in question online and discovered that he was a pâtissier by the name of Johann Martin and is relatively well known in the French dessert world.

Eng Sub of Tanya Chua’s “A Song of One-Sided Love”.

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