Jing Chan to release a new album after four years

ET Today: Jing Chang cried and begged to release an album in her slump


Taiwanese singer Jing Chang made her debut in 2012 after participating in music competition show “Super Idol”.
– She hasn’t released an album in four years, and finally succeeded in fundraising through crowdfunding in recent days
– She revealed on Aug. 24 that when she couldn’t find anyone to produce her album and broke down in depressed tears, her good friend Taiwanese singer Shadya Lan used all her connections to help her through this slump

Jing Chang left her company four years ago and attempted to find a new partner, but always turned up empty handed in her search.
– She was out of options and asked Shadya Lan then, “You be my boss and produce my album, alright?”
– She responded with a laugh that, “No, what if we fight and argue? It isn’t worth sacrificing our friendship over.”

When Jing Chang talked about this again in 2015 and still couldn’t find a company, Shadya patted her shoulder and said, “Jing, let’s not cry. I’ll think of a way for your album!”
– Shadya then took our her own savings, resources, and connections and spoke quite humbly, begging people to help

Jing admitted that she often hid and cried when she thought about how much Shadya has helped her.
– “Although she’s also a singer who wants to produce an album, she chose to put may album in front of her dreams and gave me her resources and money first. She only started on her own album when mine was done because she said that she knew I would succeed.”

Eng sub of Jing Chang’s “Preferred Love”.

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