OpEd: Aaron Yan decries state of Taiwanese entertainment industry

QQ: Aaron Yan is justified in his criticism, it’s a pity that it’s a bit too late


Aaron Yan decried that the “Taiwanese entertainment industry can’t be described with the words ‘a cold winter’, but it’s entered an ‘ice age’.”
– He criticized that drama scripts, actor training, scenery, costumes, and props were all vastly inferior, and that TV stations were always offering up fast food. “There’s de-provement instead of improvement.”

It’s not a new thing to say that the Taiwanese entertainment industry has started its countdown to death.
– To a certain degree, the greater picture has caused the decline of the Taiwanese entertainment industry. The rise of China, dominance of Korea entertainment, insertion of European and American entertainment have made it so that it’s a dream for Taiwan to hang onto their old status as the trailblazer in music trends and king of variety
– The rise of China’s economy and decline of Taiwan’s has caused many to pursue careers in China
– However, a small market or low budget isn’t an excuse for subpar scripts or poor actor training
– In addition, TV channels putting out fast food products is a result of executive decisions and indicates a fatal complacency on Taiwan’s behalf

We can see from common mentions of “bad economy” and “small market” that those in the Taiwanese entertainment industry aren’t taking enough responsibility.
– Talk like this absolves one of responsibility
– To many Taiwanese artists, they can just make up for the loss of income by going to the Chinese market
– However, Aaron Yan’s criticism stems from a origin of being worried about his home market

It was once said that Chinese entertainment was twenty years behind Taiwanese entertainment, but this saying is now vastly outdated.
– Even the most popular Taiwanese TV show “Kangxi Come” represented the peak of Taiwanese entertainment
– From an operational aspect, there was low budget for the show and the hosts made use of the female host harassing male guests and other clickbait type topics to gain eyeballs
– In recent times, such as music shows, Chinese entertainment has far outstripped Taiwanese entertainment. To find a Taiwanese show like “The Voice of China”, one who have to go back decades to the time of folk song competitions

However, Taiwan can serve as a warning example to China. Although netizens are gleefully putting down Taiwan, how much of Chinese production is truly innovative and pushes the envelope?

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