Wu Yifan, Luhan, William Chan to become dads?

ET Today: Wu Yifan, Luhan to become dads? Possible appearance on “Dad, Where Are You Going?”


Chinese reality show “Dad, Where Are You Going” has been immensely popular in the three seasons it has aired.
– However, due to the “Restrictions on Children” act from the broadcasting authorities, content has had to undergo some adjustment in the fourth season
– The act requests that TV shows stop hyping up celebrity children, and that children of non-celebrities must invited to join
– The PD just revealed that they are debating inviting little fresh meat to be “new dads”

The PD revealed that they are planning on changing the fourth season into “children of celebrities & non-celebrities”, with three pairs of each.
– He also plans on dividing the dads into “returning dad”, “dad-in-law”, “ad hoc dad”, “fresh meat dad”, and “popular dad” to mix things up on the show
– Candidates being considered for “fresh meat dad” include Luhan, Wu Yifan, and William Chan
– If they accept, they will be taking care of babies from non-celebrities

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  • silvermaoh

    William Chan would be super cute, he is always taking care of his nephews.

  • nel

    Will never happen. But I’d love it even tho i don’t particularly care for the show

  • CharmBella11

    If this was to happen I would watch it, even tho I doubt it will.

  • Heartless

    Fresh meat dad?