Eric Chou performs his new songs and chats about personal quirks at KTV

ET Today: Eric Chou performs his new songs and reveals that he has weird quirks at KTV


Warm guy singer-songwriter Eric Chou released his new album “What Love has Taught Us” on Aug. 5 and will be holding a concert in September.
– He recently appeared on ET Today’s news channel to perform his new songs and also reveal his odd habits at KTV

Eric revealed that he often likes to broadcast live on Facebook, and sometimes plays the piano live and asks fans for suggestions.
– He can play most songs after hearing their melodies, and used to like to practice at KTV before he released his album
– Now however, because singing is his job, he only eats when he goes to the KTV
– Not only that, because he prefers ballads, he immediately buries his food into his beef noodle soup whenever a fast song is played

Eric Chou’s “Let’s Not Be Friends”


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