SNH48 Tang Anqi’s current status after suffering burns on 80% of her body

ET Today: Remember the bizarrely burned Tang Anqi? Her current status update


SNH48 member Tang Anqi met with a friend on March 1 earlier this year, but suffered a bizarre accident that resulted in burns over 80% of her body.
– She’s undergone multiple skin grafts and surgeries, and is still resting in the hospital
– She updated her Weibo on the beginning of August, saying that “I can eat by myself now!”
– Recent updates say that she can now get off the bed and walk by herself, and is now going through rehab

However, SNH48 PR Ms. Zhao is still uncertain when Tang Anqi can be discharged and when she can once again take the stage in front of everyone

She updated her Weibo on Aug. 19 (above) saying that she really wanted to eat pork belly.
– Fans encouraged her saying, “I’ll treat you to pork belly when you’re healed!” and “You can eat anything you want when you’re all better.”

It’s now been half a year since her accident, but the investigation has gone nowhere. Fans fear that this accident will be forgotten and keep urging those responsible to give an answer.


Tang Anqi pre-accident.

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  • izz-lee

    poor girls i hope she recover well, al the love to her!!