“Novaland: The Castle in the Sky” to air hidden ending due to final episode being too heartbreaking

QQ: “Novaland: The Castle in the Sky” ending was too heartbreaking? Hidden ending to heal you


Summer drama “The Castle in the Sky” broadcasted its finale on Aug. 24 behind a Tencent paywall. The ending was one of the two leading star crossed lovers being forever parted by fate.
– Their souls dissipated forever after one final kiss, and the second male lead searched all over the world for his love, finally growing old alone
– Many viewers felt that such an ending was extremely regretful and heartbreaking
– So many audiences gave feedback that Tencent will be broadcasting a hidden ending on Aug. 31, possibly showing an alternate ending for the two lovers

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+11] What the hell, this is another way to get money from our pockets. An alternate ending?

[+7] I just want to ask who is the male lead?

[+5] Although I haven’t watched this drama, but when I saw this line: “If the story is rewritten, I’ll be the one to exit the stage first.” My tears fell involuntarily. Zhang Ruoyun needs to be happy in real life!

[+2] What the heck does this mean? Two endings? Is this what all dramas do now?

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  • Heartless

    I’m on ep 19. Not surprise C-drama always has terrible ending, at least not happy.

    • xingfenzhen

      That’s because happy ending are generally seen as “for kids” in China, so having a terrible ending is more or less the mark of an “adult drama” vs a kids one. Same things in games as well. Most Chinese RPGs are terrible endings as well.

      • Heartless

        Actually, I get used to it. But I don’t think it’s for kids or adults. Having unhappy ending isn’t a bad thing though. Life isn’t perfect. Not all relationship will end up with happiness or living together. But I’m still mad when it turns to my fav OTP can’t be together.

        • KRadar

          One of the reasons i crave happy endings is because life is unpredictable and not perfect. The reason for me to watch dramas is to have a happy time and know no matter whats happening in the real life the reel life is gonna make me happy. I guess I for one am glad that they made an alternative ending and someone found happiness in the end. 😀

  • creidesca

    At least 2 endings were originally filmed and it wasn’t just done after all the commotion about the first ending. And even while watching the first ending, you can tell something was “wrong”–certain details that didn’t add up.

  • Michalle Chan

    I like the story. I believe to be beautifully made. I admire the writer who prepared two ending. I think it is a challenge for our mind on the ‘what if?’ moments… Thank you!