“4000 year beauty” SNH48 Ju Jingyi dyes her hair blond for lookbook

ET Today: Four thousand year beauty Ju Jingyi dyes her hair blond! Her sweet smile makes her look like a real live doll


22 year old member of SNH48, Ju Jingyi, has charmed many with her small face and sweet aura.
– She’s often been called a “rare beauty that occurs once in 4,000 years”
– She was recently elected champion of SNH48’s third general election, and has been slowly making her appearance in the TV circle


She’s currently in Madrid, Spain shooting for a pictorial and dyed her hair blond for the occasion.
– Her black hair gives her a classic beauty look, whereas her gold hair makes her an exotic beauty
– Netizens exclaimed that she was “too beautiful” and “an absolute doll”, that they had “seen a goddess” or that “she looks like an elf”
– The reaction was overwhelmingly positive


However, the filming process has been very difficult for her as many cuts have been opened on her arms in pursuit of dancing and taking pictures with pretty clothes on.
– She laughed that “this really isn’t self mutilation… it’s the love shown to me between the clothes and the choreography”‘


Ju Jingyi’s hand after filming.

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