All female stars who work with Jiro Wang get married

ET Today: All female stars who partner with him get married! Jiro Wang can play bingo with his female star partners 


Jiro Wang debuted from Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit and has participated in many dramas, resulting in many loyal fans in China and Taiwan.
– He celebrated his 35th birthday on Aug. 25, and held birthday celebrations in Changsha, Taipei, Beijing, and Hong Kong
– His good friend Zhang Haoming put in a surprise appearance at the Taipei celebration, offering the gifts of a watch and painting on bended knee
– The crowd laughed and asked if he was proposing

Jiro made his birthday “Chef Jiro” themed, but he’d never cooked before.
– He made cookies and cake with his own hands to thank fans for their ten years of support, feeding them to fans with his own hands
– A female fan actually proposed to him at the Beijing celebration

Many female stars who have worked with Jiro in his years since debut, such as Ruby Lin, Ariel Lin, Qi Wei, Xie Na, Tong Liya, Ku Hye-sun, Ella of SHE, and Melody, have all gotten married.
– Female stars call him “Eros”, but he remains single
– Fans have urged him to quickly find someone, and his birthday wish was that he’d find the “Athena of his heart”

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  • nutella

    lol I wonder what would happen if he was in a drama with Zhao Liying since her co-stars have been getting married recently