Lin Chiling fires back at Edison Chen, telling him to rein in his temper

ET Today: Lin Chiling toughens up! Tells Edison Chen to “keep a handle on his temper if he can”


Lin Chiling was targeted by Edison Chen in August when he cursed at her and called her “a bitch”, dragging out the decisions behind the casting of Chinese fashion variety show “My New Clothes”.
– The fathers of both sides joined in the fray to support their own child
– As the person in question, Lin Chiling has always maintained the attitude of “time will tell all” and didn’t want to go head to head with Edison Chen
– However, when she was in an interview advertising said program lately, her attitude had changed and toughened up

Her manager had originally asked media not to ask any questions regarding this matter, but she voluntarily spoke up and said, “let me say something”.
– She confessed that she and the production team were still very confused, but that time would tell all
– She then said that being a celebrity and “having the courage of being hated by others seemed to go hand in hand”
– She hoped that there would be “more admiration in this society and less criticism”
– She ended with “since you feel that you have the ability to throw this temper tantrum, then you should really keep a handle on your temper if you have that ability”

She also mentioned that “the pressure on a guy or a girl is the same in society”, but that “as a girl, you wouldn’t hope for your personality and reputation to be bashed by others”

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  • nel

    “the pressure on a guy or a girl is the same in society” In what dimension is this accurate? Not this one for sure