“The Empress of China” to be made into a US drama

ET Today: Empress of China to be made into a US drama! Production team behind “Game of Thrones” to unleash new innovation


Fan Bingbing in “The Empress of China”.

The 2015 drama “The Empress of China”, headlined by Fan Bingbing, set a new ratings record when it broadcasted in 2015.
– Christopher Newman, producer behind “Game of Thrones” has already signed a contract with Starlight Media
– The two sides will make a drama with Wu Zetian as the main character, with ten seasons estimated to be filmed in five years
– The first season is already being filmed
– The drama’s name is tentatively set as “Lady Emperor of China” (cpoplove translation, not official)

Fans are eagerly awaiting to see how a US production team will film a Chinese themed drama.

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  • nutella

    I just hope it is better than the Chinese version

  • Heartless

    Who will be cast as Wu Zetian?

    • xingfenzhen

      The one and only, Emma Stone.

      • Heartless

        So they won’t case Chinese actress as Wu Zetian? I’m really confuse. So this suppose to be all American/English speaking actor.

        • xingfenzhen

          Emma Stone is the popular joke/meme about hollywood whitewashing due to Aloha.

          • Heartless

            Lol…I see. Can’t imagine if Wu Zetian turns out to be non- Chinese actress.

  • xingfenzhen

    “Game of Thrones”, Wu Zetian… this can’t be good. Just hope they don’t butch everything and make it look like Marco Polo.

    Personally, out from all the modern version, none as the classic the 1994 version with 刘晓庆 and 大明宫词/Palace of Desire from 2000 which has Princess Taiping as the POV character. Palace of Desire also launched the career of Zhou Xun, who played the younger princess of taiping, which got her a golden eagle award.

    1994 version theme song

    大明宫词/Palace of Desire from 2000, full series, no subtitles.

    Palace of Desire Wiki

    Princess Taiping wiki