Jay Chou invites Fei Yuching as guest judge on “Sing! China”

ET Today: Fei Yuching helps Jay Chou’s team, his assessments sound even better than his songs


“Sing! China” (previously The Voice of China) is now in its fourth season.
– Current coaches are Jay Chou, Na Ying, Wang Feng, and Harlem Yu
– Competition between Jay Chou’s team was broadcasted over the weekend as the top five was selected out of paired competitions
– Jay Chou specially invited his previous partner Taiwanese singer Fei Yuching as a guest coach

Fei Yuching first performed Jay Chou’s “Blue and White Porcelain”, with the two singing “A Thousand Miles Away” (cpoplove translation) afterwards.
– Fei Yuching was hailed as the original singer of Chinese style songs, and his assessments were very flowery and poetic
– He described contestants’ singing as, “Olympic figure skating, landing safely after spinning four times in midair”, or “jumping through the air as if on a trampoline”, or that his “soul immediately calmed down” when he heard another contestant’s voice

Apart from abstract assessments, Fei Yuching retained his sense of humor when he said, “Gosh, this song sounds particularly soothing” when one of the candidates sang one of Jay Chou’s songs.
– He also sang one of JJ Lin’s song as a joke when talking to one of the contestants

Documentary of Fei Yuching’s performance on Sing! China.

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