Joe Chen tells Shu Qi why she’s still single

ET Today: Why hasn’t Shu Qi married at 40 years old? Joe Chen tells her why in 25 words


Marriage news has abounded in the last two years, with many goddesses walking into marriage.
– Golden bachelorette Ruby Lin married Wallace Huo in July, with netizens then turning their attentions to Shu Qi and Joe Chen
– With the outside world giving the two of them pressure, Joe Chen’s Weibo post on Aug. 29 immediately drew Shu Qi’s like

Joe Chen wrote, “God says, this girl is too special. She needs to wait because I need to find a special one for her”
– Indicating that she’s just waiting for the most suitable, special person for her
– Shu Qi immediately agreed and shared Joe Chen’s post
– Netizens chimed in to say, “I’d rather go without than settle, you deserve the best!”


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  • nutella

    true, let them find someone they consider special

  • Heartless

    How about Li Bingbing? They are in their 40s and still single. Wish them meet their Mr. Right soon.