Annie Yi rips into her delivery doctor again for her post birth infection

QQ: Annie Yi rips into her doctor again: He doesn’t know the meaning of reflect and reflection


Taiwanese artist and 47 year old Annie Yi suffered severe infections after the birth of her daughter in early August in the US.
– She’s blamed the doctor for negligence, and the doctor has blamed her for not following medical advice
– Several public barbs have been exchanged

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+5,366] Can you just quietly go to the US and fight your lawsuit? We don’t want to see your public spat anymore. Annie ah, Annie. You’re always so fake, what can you do? I just want to slap you reading the tripe you’ve written

[+3,705] Can all of you speak more kindly? Don’t you have mothers? It’s tough being a mother. Celebrity lives are blown up out of proportion. They’re just trying to defend their rights, there’s nothing wrong with that.

[+3,432] Who told you to go give birth in the US? Aren’t you worshipping Western culture? You’ve brought this down on yourself now haven’t you?

[+2,573] It was so frightening and heartbreaking to see the wound! The doctor did wrong, why is he lying? Doctors are supposed to be benevolent, where’s your heart?

[+990] Just file a lawsuit in the US, what a silly woman

[+780] Your child is a US citizen so don’t come to us looking for Chinese sympathy. If you were a good person you wouldn’t have to stay relevant by posting on Weibo, people would wish you well anyways. If you’re a bad person, people will look down on you no matter what you do!

[+764] Don’t just post anything that crosses your mind on the internet. You’re trying to use your celebrity halo to get justice for yourself and blow things up. You think that you’re sure to win any lawsuit you file, so go file it. Life is difficult, there are many more than you who need someone to speak up on their behalf.


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