Heechul’s interpreter confuses the conversation with Jay Chou

ET Today: Heechul’s interpreter doesn’t know how to play LOL, Jay Chou likes to play jungle with “Master Yi”


Popular online game League of Legends held a fifth year anniversary party on Aug. 28, inviting Chinese celebrities Jay Chou, Zhu Zhen, Lin Gengxin, Ma Ke, and Chen He to play against Korean celebrities Kim Heechul, Lee Hongki, Song Seunghyun, Choi Minhwan, and Lee Seunghyun.
– Jay Chou led his “Strongest Team on Earth” in two games against Heechul’s “Geniuses of the Universe” (team names are cpoplvoe translations)
– Apart from Jay Chou’s use of Master Yi as a major point of interest, so too were Heechul and Choi Minhwan’s diamond elo skills


Jay Chou’s team.


Kim Heechul’s team.

However, translation miscommunications at the beginning of the game caused some awkward laughter.
– Jay Chou first asked if Heechul knew what roles and champs the former liked to play in the beginning, but the translator didn’t seem to understand the terms as Heechul responded with a generic greeting
– Jay Chou smiled awkwardly ,”I don’t think that answered my question”
– Heechul seemed to understand what was being asked when the question was asked again as he said the keyword of, “Master Yi”, demonstrating that he was familiar with Jay Chou’s play style

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