Hu Xia cried when he was forced to sing until he made no mistakes?

QQ: Hu Xia was forced to sing over and over again and breaks out in tears. Fans denounce organizers


Netizens revealed to media today that singer Hu Xia was attending a commercial event in Suzhou and was forced to return to the stage and keep performing until the organizers deemed his performance alright.
– Side filming on his performance reveals that Hu Xia was forced to stand in a partially dismantled stage and sing over and over again
– He even broke out in tears at the scene and it was incredibly awkward

Netizens revealed that Hu Xia’s fee was 500 thousand RMB, and the organizers became enraged that he didn’t perform well after taking all that money
– Organizers said that Hu Xia was completely out of it and kept messing up his hit song, the theme song from “You Are the Apple of My Eye”, and that he refused to cooperate with the organizers in singing their commercial songs
– The organizers blockaded Hu Xia’s car afterwards and demanded that he return to the stage and perform until it went off flawlessly
– Some audience members present said that Hu Xia was allowed to leave only at 1 am

However, a few hours after the news broke, a Weibo account under the name of “Hu Xia’s Global Fanclub” posted a long post saying that the truth had been distorted.
– The truth that Hu Xia had requested to test the sound settings but was refused
– Therefore, he could only perform his own songs on stage, and bowed in 90 degree angle bows in apology to the audience
– However, he was blocked from leaving and forced to sing the corporation’s song until he didn’t make a single mistake

Netizens further said that he didn’t break out into tears, that he was actually pushing his glasses up his face and the so-called tears were a reflection from his glasses.
– However, this matter still made fans feel for Hu Xia

Fans further questioned the identity of the original netizen, saying that the accuser had many inconsistencies within his words.

Video of the scene.

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  • Heartless

    My poor Hu Xia. Hopefully, he is fine.

  • Jebel Ali

    You can find the video in youtube. Search for

    实拍胡夏商演被逼重唱 被主办方吆五喝六

    • cpoplove

      Thanks very much! I’m putting it up there.