Song Zhe’s lawyer responds to “hotel rooms” accusations for the first time

QQ: Song Zhe responds publicly for the first time, “the hotel rumors online are slander”


An old photo between Song Zhe and Ma Rong.

Media finally got in touch with Song Zhe’s lawyer for the first time on Aug. 27, inquiring about the rumors of hundreds of hotel rooms opened for Ma Rong and Song Zhe.
– His lawyer said that “There are many rumors regarding Song Zhe online that are untrue. Some rumors are harming Song Zhe. Because the trial has yet to begin, he cannot respond to any of them. I cannot say anything either, all must wait until after the trial.”

Media further asked about the rumors of Ma Rong and Song Zhe booking rooms together hundreds of times.
– His lawyer responded, “These are all false rumors. The so-called record of hundreds of room bookings and video catching my client in the act are all false.”

Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+55,027] How desperate is this lawyer for money to be defending this scum?

[+41,014] I’d be drunk to take Baoqiang’s money or fight a lawsuit against him. After sleeping with his wife, driving his car, living in his house, and spending his money, I’m guessing that their parents aren’t anything good either to educate these two (meaning Song Zhe and Ma Rong)

[+26,354] There’s still someone willing to take the case for this dog couple? How courageous. Remember to wear a helmet and rain gear when you go to court

[+16,073] I’d just like to ask you if your client stole someone else’s wife and had an affair, does it matter how many times the deed was done? Taking on a case like this for money, do you have any morals at all?

[+14,596] Why not say that the transfer of wealth as also fake? If nothing went wrong with Baoqiang’s money, then no one would be calling the dog couple frauds.

[+11,449] Oh my gosh, and you dare file a lawsuit? Hahaha! Of course this is your right, but your career is completely over in this life!

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  • Heartless

    Dog couple? I think they are worst than this. Support WBQ!