Chris Xia’s daughter Poppy starts elementary school this fall

ET Today: Six year old Poppy goes to school! Her sailor uniform causes netizens to fall in love


Taiwanese artists Chris Downs and Phoebe Huang have been married for ten years with one daughter, Poppy.
– Poppy skyrocketed to fame in 2015 after participating in the third season of the Chinese version of “Dad, Where are We Going?” (show shots above)
– She started elementary school on Aug. 29 and photos of her in uniform have surfaced online, making netizens cry out that they’ve fallen in love

Poppy spent the summer in Canada after graduating from kindergarten, and Chris Downs has often posted pictures of the family on vacation in this month.
– Netizens complimented that Poppy was innocent and cute


With the end of summer, Poppy flew back to Taiwan and officially started school on Aug. 29
– Her uniform picture is above, and many netizens have said that she matured a lot, and has sparked a lot of discussion online

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