Korean artist ban strikes again? Puff Guo replaces Yoo In-na

ET Today: Korean artist ban rears its head? Puff Guo replaces Yoo In-na and goes film in Shanghai


Although multiple rumors and mentions of a Korean artist ban in China have abounded, the news has never been officially verified.
– However, Yoo In-na, who skyrocketed to popularity due to Korean drama “You Who Came from the Stars”, had been previously confirmed to film “Love Through a Millennium 2” and even the media poster had been made, was suddenly swapped out for Puff Guo

Yoo In-na’s poster (above right) had already been revealed on Weibo and many fans were waiting with great anticipation.
– However, she’s been swapped out in recent days and Puff Guo has already revealed photos on Weibo of her on set
– It’s also been rumored that Puff Guo wasn’t the first choice for replacement, Chinese actress Shen Mengchen was actually the first, but her schedule conflicted due to her participation in a reality variety show

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  • nel

    Hi, i wanted to know if you could translate stuff about Wang Sicong, please? He’s trashy but incredibly entertaining 😂 My mandarin is getting better but I’m not quite there yet 😩

  • nel

    also Kris Wu and Z.TAO if possible, Please? (((I don’t want to be that annoying fan but you know lol😩))) 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • cpoplove

      Haha no problem I’ll look around for all of them. Just did one on Kris Wu, please check it out and spread the word for cpoplove!

      • nel

        I will!! Articles with controversial opinions on “teen” heartthrobs will attract people the most lol

  • nel

    I have another request actually, stuff about Wu Qian? All the rumors surrounding her and Luhan are kinda suspicious lol and it’s been going on for a looong while 👀👀 if you have the time lol

  • nel

    Btw I also think this ‘unofficial’ ban is why Tang Yan took Jun Ji Hyun’s role at the last minute in “Europe Raiders” alongside Tony Leung and Kris. Was pretty upset about it actually

  • nutella

    the Korean actor from that Boyfriend drama was also taken out of a drama he was filming. He was at the press conference and had filmed some scenes but then they took him out. It was suspected that Yoo In-na got the kick since she left a few weeks before finishing her filming schedule.

  • Heartless

    seeing K-pop star in C-drama make me sick, so i’m fine with this (-:

  • Dominique Lola

    Dubbing is always 10x worse when it comes to K stars in C dramas anyways so I’m good. Besides, it always pisses me off how Korean pretty much hate the Chinese due to history, but are perfectly fine starring in films and making money.