Media visits the set of “Princess Agents”, Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin to couple up

GX News: Media visit to the set of “Princess Agents”, four leading actors/actresses meet for the first time

“Princess Agents”, having drawn great attention for its star studded cast of Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, and Li Qin as well as being directed by Wu Jinyuan (director of Scarlet Heart).
– The production crew allowed media to visit the set for the first time on Aug. 24
– More than one hundred media personnel from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan made the trip
– The exquisiteness of the set and props, and intricate acting skills displayed by the actors all made the media gasp in astonishment


“Princess Agents” is the first drama that deals with the rise of a female slave to a lady war goddess.
– Zhao Liying mentioned that this is a drama denoted with distinct love and hate, and the main points of interest are the changes in destinies of the characters
– When asked how she portrayed the female lead, Zhao Liying said, “This character has very strong feminist tendencies. She has her strong and stubborn side, as well as her gentle and tender side. I really like her.”
– She went to a great deal of trouble to accurately portray her character, Chu Qiao. Her scenes in inner Mongolia often took place with her face down in the dirt
– Lin Gengxin’s character of Yuwen Yu is one of an aloof, noble son, but he was a warm-hearted angel when not filming
– He often brought food and improved everyone’s meals, and goofed off to inject humor into the sets
– Shawn Dou was labelled a “ladies’ man” and showed off his flirting skills, but Li Qin said that in the drama, her character was the one who played with Shawn Dou’s

Princess Agent 5

Apart from the four of the leading characters, Ian Wang and Niu Junfeng are also part of the cast. This was a surprise to those on the media visit
– Niu Junfeng’s character was that of thirteenth prince Zi Yuansong
– This character is upbeat and positive in the beginning, but his life takes a drastic turn later on. He likes Chu Qiao and often creates some small, romantic moments for her
– Ian Wang’s character is the villain Yuwen Huai, who happens to be Yuwen Yu’s brother. Yawen Huai is a person of extremes, and Ian Wang described him as an “awful person with a good heart”


The cast of “Princess Diaries” has been complimented by many insiders within the industry. One of the most anticipated parts of the cast is the pairing between Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin.
– This pair was witnessed together for the first time during this visit
– The two constantly fight each other within the drama, but are absolute pranksters when not filming
– Zhao Liying dropped 8 jin for the drama, but still said that she would absolutely eat any food that Lin Gengxin brought to the set
– As for Ian Wang and Li Qin, their in-sync mindset is one that had been witnessed many times by the rest of the cast
– Ian Wang often goofs off on set, and Li Qin is always able to pick up his pranks and run with it

The cast happened to film through three straight days of near 40 degrees Celsius heat.
– However, everyone wore their heavy clothing without complaint, going over scenes again and again and having makeup artists wipe off their sweat
– Director Wu Jinyuan complimented that this is a professional team with heart. The actors and actresses were all highly gifted as their emotional scenes were vivid and their fighting scenes were full of spirit and daring


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