Popu Lady graces the cover of September’s FHM

ET Today: Popu Lady is sexy in the sand! E cup Dayuan is the epitome of sexiness


Taiwanese idol group Popu Lady made the covers of the international edition of FHM for September.
– The five girls wore bikinis and displayed their stunning bodies
– Hongshi’s long legs caught attention, and Dayuan’s E cup chest was even more astounding
– They had a photo shoot in 35 degree heat as they rolled through the beach and went into the water

Although it was their first time filming at the beach, the five girls weren’t squeamish at all.
– When Hongshi was asked who had the best body out of all of them, she responded, “It depends on the body part. Tingxuan has the most slender legs, Dayuan has the biggest chest, Bao’er has the slimmest waist, and I have the longest legs and height.”


Bao’er felt that a bikini wasn’t her most sexy outfit, but that she had the advantage when it came to revealing her back.
– Her thoughts on bikinis, “When everyone’s wearing bikinis at the beach, you won’t think that looks sexy because everyone looks the same. But if you only reveal one part of your body, it will appear particularly sexy and make people want to look at other parts of her body.”
– As for Dayuan with the biggest chest, she admitted that she never thought that she would become a bikini goddess. “My goal since becoming a celebrity was to act in drama. I actually never thought of becoming an idol, so this entire journey has been quite incredible for me.”

Eng Sub of Popu Lady’s “Love Bomb”.

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