Cnetz react to Hu Xia’s forced performance

QQ: Hu Xia forced to perform again and again. What celebrity disease? He was almost a dog!

Video of the scene available through link above. cpoplove was unable to embed it within the post.


An eyewitness Cnetizen spoke up in Hu Xia’s defense today, saying that not only did he not have celebrity disease, he was almost reduced to a dog by the company organizing the event.
– Netizen zihana0104 posted on Weibo what he saw, “When Hu Xia finished singing his two songs last night he was suddenly asked to perform the organizer’s commercial song. He had no lyrics so he didn’t sing it. Afterwards, the organizer asked him to re-perform until not a single word was wrong… Hu Xia sang it three times!”
– The netizen also said that the organizers were too contemptuous of Hu Xia and their hearts really broke for him

Another audience member corroborated this testimony and added more details.
– Because the audio equipment was rather subpar, Hu Xia asked to test it but was rejected by the organizers and the organizers felt that he was disdaining them
– He was suddenly asked on the spot to add on a performance of the company’s commercial song and Hu Xia refused
– However, his car was stopped by the organizers and he was told to choose between performing and beating beaten up
– Hu Xia could only return, but he didn’t cry and his spirits remained high throughout

Netizen zihana0104 further pointed out that the staff rebuked Hu Xia rudely and told the audience members that, “Hu Xia will definitely sing well, he won’t make a single mistake.”
– Hu Xia held a piece of paper in his hands in the video that had the lyrics for the commercial song on them
– The staff was taking down the stage around him as he was performing
– Other netizens said that, “As a singer, to be surrounded by audience members while the stage was being taken down around him and forced to sing a song in a commercial is the height of disrespect for Hu Xia.”

It was evident in another video that the CEO of the organizer kept telling Hu Xia to dance, but Hu Xia awkwardly smoothed things over on stage.
– When interviewed, the netizen said angrily, “What celebrity disease? He was almost reduced to being a dog!”

The contract for this performance was also revealed and Hu Xia didn’t demand 500K RMB as originally said, but 250K RMB instead.

cpoplove viewed the video and apart from the truth of the netizen comments above, we also saw the staff heckle Hu Xia in the beginning, “Sing well eh! You better sing well!”
– The staff told the audience members that Hu Xia had a crisis of conscience when he got to his car and felt that he hadn’t performed well and decided to come back
– When he finished the first iteration, he was told to “sing properly” and the music started playing again
– Audience members were incredibly supportive, maybe because of the awkward situation and loudly called out encouragement and support

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+1,710] What the hell is wrong with that company? Sons of b*tches, all of them!

[+1,417] Doesn’t Hu Xia have bodyguards? This really is a bit out of line. This will probably have a huge impact on him. Sigh… it’s dangerous in the entertainment industry. You have to become strong in order not to be bullied and to receive respect.

[+702] Bullying Hu Xia because he’s an honest man. Damn it, only uncultured bastards like these would think 250K RMB is a lot of money

[+656] I’m not a fan of Hu Xia, but I think this really was too much after watching the video. How long can this company survive like this? Not only does a company’s products have to be good, but their integrity and morals as well

[+577] Hu Xia is a very low profile, humble artist and has a lot of talent. It’s truly heartbreaking to see him subject to this.

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  • annalynna

    This was so mean and heartless, I hope he’s doing ok and I’m glad people said what really happened.

  • Heartless

    I wish him all the best. Plz stop join anything relate to this com again. su…su..!!! Hu Xia