Jimmy Lin’s twins are adorable and winning hearts

QQ: Jimmy Lin’s sons beg for hugs on the ground, absolutely melting hearts


41 year old Jimmy Lin has been married for 6 years and has a 6 year old son Kimi, with 8 month old twins Jenson and Kyson.
– He highly emphasizes family life and spends time at home with the children after work
– Now that the twins can crawl, he reflects and says he doesn’t want to miss the growth of his children because of work


Jimmy Lin posted the picture above on his Weibo on Aug. 29 in which Jenson and Kyson were crawling on the ground and raising their right hands at him as they crawled towards him.
– He reflected that seeing his two sons crawl excitedly towards him whenever he came home was one of the biggest joys of his life
– He was busy working when Kimi was young and missed the first time he crawled. He still feels very guilty to this day

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