Song Zhe’s wife responds for the first time, says that he is a home wrecker

QQ: Song Zhe’s wife Yang Hui speaks for the first time: I didn’t catch him in the act, but he did ruin someone else’s marriage


Song Zhe’s wife Yang Hui spoke for the first time in the weeks of Wang Baoqiang’s divorce announcement, clarifying a few things:

  1. She did not catch them in the act and does not have a video of the two of them actually committing the deed
  2. She does not hold a record of the 100+ times that Ma Rong and Song Zhe booked hotel rooms together
  3. Ma Rong and Song Zhe were not classmates back in the day at all
  4. She doesn’t know if Ma Rong and Song Zhe teamed up to steal Wang Baoqiang’s money. She’s paying off a mortgage herself
  5. She has no feelings for Song Zhe anymore and just wants to finalize the divorce as soon as possible. He is indeed a home wrecker

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+7,171] Supporting Baoqiang! I’ve been incredibly tired the past couple of days but still have to check in every now and then. I am at peace knowing that the conversation is still normal and supporting Baoqiang. But if I see that the conversation is going in the wrong direction, then I have to support Baoqiang no matter how tired I am! Haha, everyone please continue, don’t stop. There are many like me who are silently standing with everyone

[+5,601] Although Ma Rong is despicable, Song Zhe is the most frightening. He’s swindled all that money for himself whereas his own wife is still paying off their mortgage. He didn’t take all that for his family. A shameless person like this is invincible

[+5,264] It’s a given that Ma Rong cheated, it doesn’t matter if there’s video evidence or if they did it more than 100 times. The most important matters are the children and the money

[+2,946] There’s more than enough evidence and the truth is clear. The more that Ma Rong makes up news to attack Wang Baoqiang, the guiltier she must be feeling. She’s completely underestimating everyone’s intelligence. Does she think she can lie to all of us like how she pulled the wool over Baoqiang’s eyes? She’s insulting everyone’s intelligence!

[+1,497] I think the matter of the car accidents must be investigated. It’s very likely that Ma and Song conspired to kill him

[+907] Yang Hui is a good woman

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