Cnetz hate on Zhao Wei for appearing at the 73rd Venice Film Festival

QQ: Zhao Wei, Zhang Yuqi, Ko Chentung appear at the 73rd Venice Film Festival 


Zhao Wei has been under fire since she wore clothing that was extremely similar to the Japanese naval flag for a photo shoot for “LOFFICIAL” on December 3, 2001.
– However, words such as “health, peace, happiness, hygiene” were embroidered onto the clothing, as opposed to “fight, loyalty, Empire, Emperor” as is common on Japanese military flags
– The clothing was sponsored by Heatherette NYC and designed by Richie Rich, shot by Asian photographer Dah Len
– Both parties expressed they had no intention of expression militaristic intentions afterwards
– This caused a huge furor in China after it was published 


Many demanded an apology from Zhao Wei, with some thinking she was supporting Japan and thus should be exiled from the industry.
– Others felt that she was young and didn’t mean to do this, that she didn’t design the clothing and thus shouldn’t be had responsible
– The “Beijing Evening News” reported on Dec. 9, 2001 that Zhao Wei apologized for this matter
Zhao Wei and “LOFFICIAL” publicly apologized on Dec. 10, with the main editor resigning to take responsibility for this matter


However, this wasn’t enough to calm netizens and media.
 On Dec. 28, 2001, when Zhao Wei was performing at the celebration of the sixth anniversary of the Hunan Economics TV station, a man rushed on stage, body slammed her, and splashed liquid that allegedly had feces mixed into it
– Some newspapers reported that the man had had family members die during the Japanese aggression, but this was later refuted
– Some netizens said that it was ridiculous that they were so lenient towards the Japanese and so harsh to their own countrymen
– Zhao Wei once again publicly apologized on a TV show afterwards

15 years later, Cnetz react below:

[+2,851] Zhao Japanese flag and Ko druggie! What an enticing event

[+1,683] That Zhao! Is the editor crazy to say that she’s elegant!

[+1,321] A traitor and a druggie!

[+1,222] Do people still like a traitor? I don’t want to see her anymore

[+867] Zhang Yuqi’s clothes look like a country bumpkin…

[+856] I really don’t know why we haven’t banned Ko Chentung! How dare he come out. I rarely hate celebrities, but I really dislike him

[+676] Zhao b*tch looks so scary

[+639] Zhang Yuqi’s clothes look too ugly… Fan Bingbing is the one top for walking down the red carpet

[+500] Zhao slouches and her chest is flat. Why isn’t she wearing a Japanese flag this time?

[+439] I’ve come to read people cuss at Zhao. I feel so content reading these comments

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  • nutella

    wow 15 years and they still havent let it go

  • nel

    It’s time to move on!! Been over a decade, was just a mistake, apologized several times and was physically attacked by a crazy dude.

  • Heartless

    Can’t believe they still not let it go.

    • xingfenzhen

      well, I was among those that hated her back in 2001. However, her choice of Moment in Peking as her comeback, a book written in 1939 dedicated to soldiers fighting in China with no victory in sight, changed my opinions about her. It’s clear that she learned her lesson, and from her popularity in that role and her popularity afterwards, it’s clear that most people agree with me. Those that does not, hate her for other reason (such as her apparent display of power in silencing millions of posts on earlier this month) and is only use the flag incident as an excuse.

      • Heartless

        I guess she has no another big scandal so the hater is still trying to use this old one to drag her.