Sharon Kwan is a sweet girl when singing, but almost mistaken for a terrorist in real life

Yahoo News: Sharon Kwan carries five knives on her at all times


Sharon Kwan highlighted her sweet image with her second album, “2.0 Blossom”, dropped in late May.
– However, she’s actually an odd little girl as she always has five knives on her at all times: Swiss army knife, fruit knife, exact-o knife, small pair of scissors, and nail clippers
– She was stopped by airport security in Shanghai and asked if she had knives on her
– She apologized repeatedly as she kept fishing out knives from all over her body

Sharon Kwan lacks a feeling of security as she brings a large bag with her wherever she goes.
– “I bring the fruit knife so that I can cut up any fruit I buy outside, and can also defend myself with it.”
– The exact-o knife is to cut tape for makeup and the loose threads off clothing

Sharon Kwan was born in the US and attended school in Shanghai starting when she was 7 years old.
– To avoid having her parents worry about her, she only ever tells them good news and never bad news
– Her most unforgettable memories were when she was bullied when she was 9 years old
– She was stoned by the female students on the field but didn’t dare tell the teacher, running back to her dorm to cry beneath the blankets
– She was still nice to everyone and taught them their homework, slowly befriending them

She didn’t dare express herself when she debuted, always responding with okay, sure, or I don’t know whenever her mentor David Tao asked her questions.
– He gave her the homework of writing in her diary every morning, and not only did her speaking skills improve after a year, but she was more courageous in expressing her feelings

Sharon Kwan’s “Shh…” MV from her latest album.

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