Cnetz react to start of Guan Xiaotong’s college career

QQ: Guan Xiaotong surrounded on first day of school, ducks away from cameras shyly


Guan Xiaotong is a Chinese actress of Manchu descent known for her roles in Nuan, The Promise, Painted Skin: The Resurrection, and The Left Ear. Xiaotong was born to a family of actors in Beijing.

The Beijing Film Academy welcomed the 2016 new students on Sep. 3, with Guan Xiaotong as part of its new student body.
– Her mother expressed that Xiaotong has finished all of her parts in any dramas she’s currently taking part in, and will be concentrating on her studies in the near future
– It remains up to the school whether or not she films anything whilst in school


Cnetz react below:

[+8,673] There’s so much pressure being a girl in Guan Xiaotong’s class!

[+6,535] Some things must’ve happened after the media left. Boys will chase after her, girls will envy her, and teachers will kiss up to her

[+5,190] Isn’t she just an actress…

[+4,623] She was just lucky. Even her roommates are much prettier than her

[3,474] Eh… is she pretty? Why am I the only one who thinks that Guan Xiaotong is just naturally pretty and like a collegiate girl? Her other roommates look like call girls and look like they’ve already gone under the knife… this is just my opinion

[+2,910] Is this girl a real person? She looks like a blow up doll

[+2,729] One of the guys in the pictures (multiple pictures in link) already orgasmed!

[+1,485] I really don’t think she’s that pretty. She’s someone without good breeding

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  • Heartless

    Hope she will do well in her class

  • singermelodie1

    She’s really pretty