Jerry Yan wants to get married and hints at good news soon

ET Today: Jerry Yan has the urge to fight for the bride’s bouquet, hints that there will be good news soon


During Ken Chu and Han Wenwen’s wedding on Sep. 3rd, there were several surprises in the guest list.
– Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu both appeared. As the only bachelor of the F4, Jerry received many questions on his thoughts on the wedding and spoke in a rare moment of candor, “I have the urge to shove everyone aside and fight for the bouquet”

He revealed that he’d attended the wedding because he “wanted to see his brother happy”.
– He also admitted that he was so touched by his friend’s wedding that he wanted to cry. When he saw the bride walked out, he had the delusion that “it was his wedding”

He spoke candidly after having some drinks that “my mother is getting elderly, so I want to get married and have children”.
– When asked if there was any possibility between him and Lin Chiling, he smiled and didn’t respond
– Lin Chiling recently revealed that “suddenly getting married” was the next adventure, and Jerry responded to that, “You must anticipate that many good things will happen in the future”

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