Chen Chutian releases first single since 2009

QQ: Chen Chutian’s “Asia’s King of Dance” drops, announces his desire to never give up on his dreams


Chen Chutian’s new song “Asia’s King of Dance” (cpoplove translation, not official) was released recently and marked his return to the world of music.
– This was the first time he revealed a personal music video and was released online

Chen Chutian debuted in 2009 and actually holds four Guinness world records for dance, despite his gentle appearance.
– He’s also a singer and actor, and is the only celebrity to take home the popularity award for his breakdancing skills on “I want to appear on the Spring Gala Festival”


Although he looks like a sunny, athletic boy, he has many injuries all over his body.
– An accident back in the day caused an hand tendon to tear and make it so that he would always be unable to bend his wrist
– However, he refused to give up and and continued practicing
– Because of his desire to succeed, he gave up the opportunity to heal through surgery because of the rehab needed after surgery


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  • Jebel Ali

    Can you please write his name in mandarin? I can’t find more about him with this pinyin name. Thanks in advance!