Korean ban rears its ugly head again, PSY and iKon edited out of “Heroes of Remix”

World Journal: Korean artist ban! PSY’s face is blurred out


As a coach on “Heroes of Remix”, PSY’s face and long time team member iKon was edited out of all the scenes of the Aug. 21 episode of “Heroes of Remix”.
– Those scenes in which they really couldn’t be edited out had saw their faces blurred out
– These actions are amongst some of the most blatant since Hwang Chi-Yeol being completely cut out of the latest episode of his Chinese variety show


PSY sent out B.I. to perform with newcomer Chinese hiphop artist, Queen T, as she opened for the Aug. 21 episode.
– However, all scenes in which B.I. appeared were completely cut out or switched to a long take of the scene (video below)

As Queen T’s team captain, PSY is also one of the four judges, but his scenes were completely edited out in post production.
– If audience members hadn’t known beforehand that PSY was a part of the production, they would’ve mistakenly thought that there were only three teams as part of the show
– All Korean artists had their faces blurred out, and the flow of the show became quite odd as all the judges’ interplay with PSY was edited out

The production team did not respond this matter.
– Netizens were split into two camps as fans expressed their fury at the unfair treatment, saying that the show had been filmed before THAAD and this was embroiling innocent artists into politics, disrespecting their hard work
– Those in favor of such actions supported the TV channel for focusing on the greater picture and that “there are no idols before the country”

cpoplove has actually been unable to find any articles regarding PSY and iKon’s involvement in the show, as well as Monsta X or VIXX, since the last week of August.

Video of the performance in which B.I.’s parts were edited out.

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  • silvermaoh

    wow they are really going for it

  • nel

    I just saw a trailer for the show a while back and it featured all those groups as well as tao but no news of him on the show since then and I just heard about ikon winning something on the show?

    • cpoplove

      The show’s format is that a winning song is voted for on each episode, to be compiled into a “Heroes of Remix” album at the very end of the show. iKon was on fire as they won three times in the first half of the show, and then they never won again…