Yang Yang interacts cutely with Victoria from f(x)

Weibo: Yang Yang’s Weibo


Yang Yang “liked” a Weibo post having to do with him and Victoria of f(x) on Sep. 6 that said, “Yang Yang’s cell phone is filled with Victoria’s songs”.
– This was posted by a fan a week ago and it wasn’t shared much
– It’s actually rather difficult to find the post without specifically searching for Yang Yang and Victoria

He then cancelled his like, giving rise to more speculation.
– Victoria also “liked” a Weibo post complimenting Yang Yang couple pairing in “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”, but both have yet to admit to the relationship

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+3,222] I really hate Song Qian (Victoria). As a man, I don’t think she’s that pretty and feel like she’s super fake. She looks like something with a lot of schemes. I truly like Yang Yang.

[+2,624] Although I like Yang Yang’s costar in “Just One Smile is Very Alluring”, but that’s a drama after all. Yang Yang likely suits a more outgoing woman who can tolerate a lot in real life. Victoria… I don’t really like her

[+2,622] Please don’t be true, they don’t match at all

[1,873] Please don’t be with Victoria, she’s not worthy of you

[1,661] Why? I can’t even remember Victoria’s face! I have no feelings for this at all and hope that it’s not true. I didn’t even have the desire to keep watching “Ice Fantasy”

[+1,465] How is Victoria worthy of Yang Yang? He’s drunk. What kind of eye does our male god have?

[+1,460] I don’t like Victoria

[+1,189] I can accept him being with anyone but her, I hate her!

[+653] I really want to know how Victoria got Yang Yang

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  • Heartless

    I don’t like her acting too.

    • Lotte

      It’s not about you liking or not liking her ACTING. Because it’s not about her acting. It’s about her getting uncalled hate just because Yang Yang liked a post related to her. SO what do you think about THIS? Eeh? Or you have no problem with it (a female getting hate because of something a male did)?

      • Xiaoshu

        Not everyone interest in cele private life. That’s useless.

        • Lotte

          Yeah but you gotta understand why your comment drew my attention lol The article was about how c-netz are just plain and simple personally insulting and cursing her instead of making any kind constructive criticism. So your comment was off-topic and irrelevant to the matter here. If it was an article about her acting, then yes it would have been in line. This made feel as if you are agreeing with ad hominem by c-netz plus adding your own 2 cents.
          Oh and I am a dude tooif that’s relevant.

          • Xiaoshu

            So you thing I don’t like her acting just bc of that rumor? Lol… I don’t even know her before I watched IF. As I said the whole drama is terrible, include her acting. I drop this drama months ago.

            Some C-net’s comments above did mentioned IF and why they want to stop watching it. It suddenly reminded me of how terrible this drama is. Her acting in IF can’t impress me, it doesn’t mean I hate her. She still can improve her acting skill in her next next projects.

            AND whether I agree or not, it’s just my opinion. What’s wrong with that? people can dislike this or that. We don’t need to have the same thought and I don’t want it too.

            Anyway, i don’t find it useful to fighting on cele rumor.

          • Lotte

            To be exact, there is 0 reference to her acting in the the comments above other than that one about IF where the OP obviously is saying how she doesn’t even want to watch it because she hates Victoria that much. So let’s not make things up lol

            All the comments 100% about how they hate, dislike, curse and insult Victoria as an individual, as a suspected girlfriend of Yang Yang, that JSK fuck boy. Then you came here and literally said

            “I don’t like her acting TOO”.

            This reads like you were agreeing with all the personal insults these YY fans (gay males and teenage girls; seriously once again I witness how obsessed male gay fans are way worse than rabid fan girls, that top comment tho lmao) are throwing at her PLUS you ALSO don’t like her acting. That’s why I replied to you because I don’t expect same to YY c-fans disgrace from i-fans. If it is not and you weren’t agreeing with those ad hominem, then mistake would be mine for misunderstanding you.

            “What’s wrong with that? people can dislike this or that. We don’t need to have the same”

            Civilized and mature people shouldn’t tolerate stupid and rude personal insults and online abuses. Constructive criticisms? That would be absolutely OK. But insults and curses? Nah.

            “Anyway, i don’t find it useful to fighting on cele rumor.”
            Except you were already doing it. With me. Let’s finish.

          • Xiaoshu

            I really don’t want to reply this comment but I’m like you, we just want to clear ourselves.

            Looks like I don’t need to say more since you have judged me in the neg image. I can read all those judgement toward me from your comments. Those imply meaning… It has gone so far.

            Ok, let end it. But since I’m the one who starts this mess, I’m sorry to Cpoplove that I make this article’s comment section uncomfortable to read.

          • cpoplove

            No worries, it’s interesting to read what people’s opinions are. I was completely oblivious to what YY and Victoria had done before.

    • Lotte

      “Yang Yang “liked” a Weibo post having to do with him and Victoria of f(x) on Sep. 6 that said, “Yang Yang’s cell phone is filled with Victoria’s songs”.”

      It’s Victoria’s fault?

      “He then cancelled his like, giving his to more speculation.”

      It’s Victoria’s fault?

      “Victoria also “liked” a Weibo post complimenting Yang Yang couple pairing in “Just One Smile is Very Alluring””

      Do Yang Yang teen fangirls think she is like one of them and have nothing better to do? Did we forget how they created that dumb counter-rumor about her dating JSK only to oppose SQ-YY dating rumor? lol

      Till now it’s Yang Yang who have been doing everything to draw hate to her (from calling her my goddess on weibo to giving his drama production team an idea of using f(x) songs in his drama) while she kept her mouth shut for 2 years now (it all started in 2014). Disgusting sheep fans,

      • Xiaoshu

        The fact that I didn’t like her acting is nothing to do with YY. I just know her from Ice Fantasy and her acting, for me, is terrible. That’s just my opinion. The whole drama is terrible though.

        Even my avatar is YY but I don’t follow his work. I just like this pic. Don’t judge anyone just base on your though. Did I say it’s SQ’s fault? If not Ice Fantasy, I don’t even know who is her? Lol… Sorry! I’m not a girl. I don’t follow celebrities private life. I’m a fan of C-drama and movie not cele obsessed fan.

        • Re28:)


  • silvermaoh

    isnt his costar dating some singer
    anyways I think people should date whoever they want to date

  • nel

    Yang Yang’s fans are disgusting. Can’t believe the amount of hate she’s getting just because he’s obsessed with her and taking advantage of the situation 🙄

  • Wow, how can the fans be cold to Victoria and called her ugly and not worthy of Yang Yang? It does not matter since they don’t know her on a personal level. He can do what ever he wants and like who ever he wants since he likes her and finds her attractive. Fans like these kinds of urk me because they are too obsess with their actors and are too greedy for their own happiness. Let them do what they want. I like both Yang Yang and Victoria, I don’t see what the big deal though?