Ada Choi goofs off on the set of “S Storm”

Yahoo News: Ada Choi turns into an investigative agent for S Storm, posts pictures of her goofing off on set


Females in Hong Kong’s crime movies and dramas often bring to mind “the woman behind the mafia boss”, but the role of females have started to change lately.
– Zhao Wei played a neurosurgeon in “Three” and was decisive and firm as she was caught up in the battle between police and criminals
– Charlie Young was a core member of the team in “Cold War II” and played an important part with her wits
– Ada Choi displays the intelligence and keen perceptiveness of a woman in “S Storm”, becoming Louis Koo’s right hand woman

Ada Choi’s role in “S Storm” is a marked difference to her quietly scheming image in “Empresses in the Palace” as she transforms into an investigator on the side of justice.
– Not only is she deeply involved in a case involving gambling, she also has a photographic memory
– Because of this however, she had to memorize large tracts of script and found parts involving intricate explanations of gambling the most difficult

She also has many scenes involving physical movements.
– She pretends to be a couple with a coworker in order to search for killer Vic Zhou, rushing into a sexy lingerie store when she heard disturbances in the changing room

Her recent picture of her sucking in her nostrils however, have been making the rounds and catching everyone’s attention.

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