Ang Lee expresses that “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” made him feel humble and was his greatest challenge

Yahoo News: Ang Lee says that “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” made me feel deeply humble, the filming process was extremely painful and I faced my greatest challenges


Ang Lee’s new film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” will be showing in 3D and 4K high resolution as well as 120 fps, heralding in a new benchmark for movie producers and audience members.
– However, this process made Ang Lee face his greatest personal challenges
– He said on a Sep. 5 interview that, “I’ve filmed 12 movies and should count as someone who has quite a bit of experience, but this film made me feel deeply humble.”
– A brand new way of filming caused many problems to crop up that he’d never encountered before
– “Each time we found an answer by accident, it would give rise to 10 new questions. The filming process was exceedingly painful and became a battle for survival.”

As a pioneer of new filming techniques, Ang Lee struggled with the unknown everyday.
– Much of the basic filming knowledge that he knew became extraordinarily hard obstacles that he had to overcome
– Even something as simple as changing focus halfway through a scene became a tough matter to tackle because there was no equipment that could play in high res at the film site
– “We had no way of reviewing what we had filmed.”

The high resolution and frames per second used in the movie made every frame possess details just like the real world.
– “The eyes were taking in enormous amounts of information, making one question the movie theories that we take for granted.”
– The actors also found it difficult to act in a 120fps environment as even lighting had to be readjusted in different ways

Although filming concluded a long time ago, Ang Lee and the production crew have remained in the editing room, trying to determine the best fps most suitable for certain scenes.

“Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” will premier in New York City on October 14.

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