Cnetz react to Ruby Lin’s pregnancy

QQ: Couple clasps their hands tightly, showing off their love. Ruby Lin strokes her stomach tenderly


[+13,201] A couple should be ordinarily happy just like this. Life is about the simple, ordinary things. I hope you’ll be happy forever

[+11,464] Why do I feel like Wallace Huo doesn’t seem genuinely happy…

[+7,848] Brother Huo’s expression doesn’t see too happy

[+5,881] Wallace doesn’t love Ruby! This is an undeniable truth!

[+4,768] Ruby Lin’s “Singing All Along” is quite a good drama. Much better than those shitty xianxia, fantasy, and just crappy dramas lately!

[+3,605] I feel like there’s no love between them, like the kind that is apparent when lovers look at each other

[+2,622] Wallace Huo looks like he’s full of regret

[+2,588] I feel that Wallace Huo never really loved Ruby Lin from beginning to end. They’re even worse off than when they used to be friends, he was always smiling when they were friends

[+2,400] I still feel weird about the woman being older in this relationship!

[+1,616] Why is Wallace wearing a knit cap in this weather

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  • silvermaoh

    why are people so hateful? they are about to have a baby and are taking a happy walk at night.

    • cpoplove

      I find that cnetz tend to be rather negative…

      • silvermaoh

        it seems like that. But funny enough the top post is usually the nice one then it goes down hill. Thanks for translating ^^

  • LostRambler

    Dudes probably pissed because he’s trying to have a date with his and is being followed by papz

  • Heartless

    Wallace Huo is cool. I don’t expect his smiling.

  • danny

    He had the mad looks undeniably from beginning to end but people were blessing them regardless. Later, he was answering reporters kind of madly about Ruby’s pregnancy, I thought it was weird because it’s just happy news, but he sounded scared and mad instead.