Deng Chao and Jimmy Lin are so ugly without makeup that no one recognizes them?

QQ: Slideshow of multiple celebrities


Jimmy Lin recently participated in a reality show and was forced to beg on the street as part of it.
– Without his usual makeup and clothes, no one recognized him as he stooped there with a lowered head
– He and other celebrities were compared to being no different to farmers


This resulted in netizens digging out photos of other celebrities who look greatly different in private.
– Deng Chao (popular Chinese MC, notable in recent years for China’s Runningman) and his wife, Sun Li (The Legend of ZhenHuan) were also captured
– He keeps a very low profile in private and doesn’t actually like to get together with other celebrities
– He prefers staying at home and shopping with his wife without either being done up

However, Xie Na (notable female MC) was hailed as having a powerful celebrity aura in private as well

Cnetz weigh in below:

[+9,740] Editor, just what do you mean by “no difference to farmers?” How many are you insulting?

[+7,006] Farmers may get a tan, but the money they earn is clean. Their clothes may be a bit gray, but their hearts are red

[+5,513] The times of when entertainers hold the most power…

[+3,075] Anyone can appear like a celebrity after makeup, as long as their features are normal and proper

[+2,403] Xie Na has no talent. I don’t like her

[+1,549] It’s said that appearances are forty percent personal looks and seventy percent appearance. Anyone woman is a princess after putting on makeup and wearing a ball gown

[+1,029] I’m 22 but I look like I’m 30. Damn it! What the hell man!

[+773] I’ve never followed celebrities. Everyone has their own characteristics and many people know so much more than a so-called celebrity, they’re just not famous or don’t want to be or don’t have the chance to. Are we all less than celebrities? Many of them were artificially inflated and feel that they really are that wonderful. Would there still be any meaning to them if we didn’t hold them in the palm of our hands? Why can Chinese stars earn so much money, but those who work hard can’t?

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  • Heartless

    I liked Deng Chao and Sun Li but I don’t care about their private life. Just follow their movie and drama.