Rainie Yang reveals her new color for her tenth album

Weibo: Rainie Yang’s Weibo

Rainie Yang had previously kept her hair concealed beneath a hat for two months and revealed the reason why on a recent Weibo posting.


Rainie Yang’s Weibo Post below;

It’s been so tiring hiding the new color of my hair! Particularly when it’s so hot wearing a hat in the summer, and some of my hats were so big that I could barely see the road in front of me…
I can finally come out and see you all after two months since July~
During this time, all the hair styles and hair colors you saw in public events were the result of the hairstylists expertly concealing my true hair. They’ve gone to great trouble, but it’s so worth it to be able to bring you guys a surprise~
I dyed my three times for my tenth album. I sat in the hair salon for more than ten hours with a seriously prickling scalp and numb butt! It was super tough…
But this hair color is really interesting, it’s different colors beneath different lighting! It’s lavender purple normally or a purple yam, but sometimes will a deep purple or sometimes just grey! I just think it’s really beautiful! Hah…
I haven’t released an album like this in a long time, and am fulfilling many of your desires in having long hair. Although I wasn’t used to it at first, but now I rather like it~
What do you think of the first visual shots? This actually isn’t the final appearance, hehe…
The most important thing is. the. music. and. it. rocks!


Rainie Yang’s new album will drop on Sep. 30, with singles being broadcasted starting Sep. 10.

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