Tnetz speculate on which Taiwanese celebrities are on par with Song Hye-kyo

PTT: Which Taiwanese female celebrities can measure up to Song Hye-kyo?

Song Hye-kyo is seriously so pretty
She’s the type of beauty who isn’t standoffish
I’ve loved her since I saw her in “Worlds Within”
It wasn’t until I saw her in “Descendants of the Sun” that I realized she’s over 30 years old!
Which Taiwanese female celebrities do you think can measure up to her?

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> Ariel Lin
> Ariel Lin
+ Only Song Hye-kyo
+ Ouyang Nana
> Ladies like Ivy Chen and Chiang Tsuping
> Honestly, Ariel Lin isn’t that pretty
+ Coco Lee, duh
+ Jihyo is the one true love!!
> Tzuyu will be prettier than her in the future
+ Joanne Tseng
> She’s alright, there’s plenty of people who are prettier than her
+ She and Ariel Lin are all graceful and elegant ladies, they’re my goddesses

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  • amity_fox

    well i wish song hye kyo will get paired up with jerry yan in a joint collaboration between sk and taiwan, before each of them get hitched. a dream pairing..