Weng Ziman blacklisted from variety shows due to unprofessionalism?

Yahoo News: Female star blacklisted due to sudden ditching of job


29 year old Taiwanese artist Weng Ziman debuted 11 years ago and is a MC and actress. It’s been rumored lately that she has been blacklisted by variety show production crews.
– It’s said that she cancelled on a variety show showing the day before due to personal matters and needing to advertise her new movie, resulting in fury from the PD
– Her manager expressed that the movie company communicated with the production team a long time ago, and that they didn’t pull out of the appearance a day before

Weng Ziman has been busy advertising her new movie “Battle of Hip Hoppers” lately, resulting in her cancelling on two variety shows that had been set in stone two months ago.
– However, the movie company was afraid of offending the MCs of the shows and encouraged Weng Ziman to still appear on the day of filming
– However, the PDs of one of the shows still said that, “this is incredibly unprofessional” and that they would not be working with her again

Her mother Judy, who happens to be her manager, expressed that her personal affairs were to film a Chinese internet drama “Online Kills Online”
– She said that they pulled out of the variety shows five days beforehand and didn’t abruptly cancel the day of

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