Cnetz shower love on the Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang couple pairing

QQ: Zheng Shuang and Yang Yan match so well! These wedding photos are super sweet!

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[+9,675] This is the only drama without scheming, plotting, and over the top scripts. It was a drama that was sweet from beginning to end.

[+6,588] There are no memory losses due to car accidents, no opposition from parents, no scheming, no poison or cheating, and it was sweet throughout. Even if I felt sad by how sweet it was, I was still very, very, very happy.

[+4,145] Why don’t you really be together. I really like you guys, the male and female goddess are such a good match!

[+2,709] Zheng Shuang won’t get together with Yang Yang, she already has Tiger Hu. Our Yang Yang will find someone better in the future, I hope Yang Yang becomes better and better!

[+2,198] Zheng Shuang is so pretty, I hope the two of your are together and hope that you are happy!

[+2,158] What I want to know is that this drama is over, so what’s with the wedding photos?

[+2,076] Be together, be together, be together!

[+2,050] I haven’t gotten my fill of this drama yet, I love this couple….

[+1,999] These two match really well! Zheng Shuang doesn’t match Tiger Hu at all!

[+1,260] My heart goes out to Zheng Shuang. After her run in with Zhang Han, her standards for finding a boyfriend have become really extreme. Ai, girl, wake up~

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  • nel

    Delusional shipping always comes with those dramas 😩

  • Arabella

    I very think Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang is a good couple.Do you people around the world think so too????