Angelababy is pregnant?

QQ: Angelababy’s large stomach gives rise to pregnancy rumors, clarifies that it was just the dress


Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming attended Bazaar’s charity event on Sept. 9, her flowy, goddess dress drawing a lot of eyeballs.
– In the picture (above), her stomach looks noticeably puffy and Huang Xiaoming seemed quite careful with her, leading to speculation that she was pregnant
– A Weibo gossip account also posted ‘confirmed’ news that she was pregnant, and said that she would be absent from the next season of China’s Running Man because of this

Some media was able to make contact with staff around Angelababy, who said that it was just a function of the clothing.
– The staff further said that they would share news if she was pregnant, but Huang Xiaoming’s Weibo post earlier of his father-in-law’s Mid Autumn’s festival gift gave further rise to rumors that she was pregnant

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  • silvermaoh

    when I saw the pic, I also thought she was pregnant

  • nel

    Always think those pregnancy rumors are always extra but it does look like there’s something on this pic

  • Heartless

    I wish it’s true. Wonder how beautiful their child?