Cnetz react to bungled report that Ruby Lin is a home wrecker

QQ: Wallace Huo suddenly gets married, Ruby Lin was a home wrecker?


Best friends Ruby Lin and Shu Qi recently got married, astounding and delighting the rest of the world.
– When Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo attended an event recently, a TV channel accidentally typed the wrong subtitles (above), making Shu Qi and Wallace Huo the happily married couple and Ruby Lin a home wrecker

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were interviewed separately at the event, with Ruby Lin saying that she didn’t know about Shu Qi’s wedding beforehand

Cnetz weigh in below: 

[+5,429] Journalists throw hate on others all day long, carrying a grudge much?

[+3,719] Disgusting, using others as clickbait. Journalist, you really lack morals

[+2,287] If they were all unmarried, then there’s no such thing as a home wrecker. Journalist, your balls must’ve hurt with boredom for you to write random crap like this. You’re just stirring up shit!

[+1,309] This journalism can be fired now

[+758] The journalist is out of things to write about

[+670] Someone needs to beat the journalist up

[+510] The journalist really needs to grow a heart. I sometimes watch variety shows and read entertainment news when I have free time, but there’s got to be actual content to it. The journalist needs to respect people! Apologize!

[+312] If I hadn’t come in to read this, I really would’ve thought that Ruby Lin is a home wrecker

[+310] Go to hell journalist!

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