Olympic champions visit the backstage of William Chan’s concert

HK01: William Chan reveals his abs for Shanghai concert, Olympic champions visit backstage to cheer him on


William Chan held the Shanghai stop of his “Inside Me” tour, the second stop of his tour after Beijing.
– He performed hip hop, ballads, rock and roll, as well as other styles, making all the female fans within the hall scream when he revealed his abs

William Chan started off the concert with a black costume and slowly rose onto the stage with a large mask.
– When he performed “Love U 2”, the fans sang along with him and turned on their cell phone flashlights, turning the entire hall into a sea of pink, making it a highlight of the night

When he was finished with his fast songs, William Chan greeted his Shanghai fans, saying, “I’m quite nervous because it’s the first time I’m touring. However, I debuted as a singer and I’ve always wanted to have my own stage. It’s finally come true now!”
– Men’s 10 meter jump Olympic champion Lin Yue and female table tennis champion Ding Ning visited backstage to cheer him on, and Ding Ning even gave him her signed Olympic competition clothes as a gift


William Chan and Olympic champions Lin Yue and Ding Ning.

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