Cnetz blast Jackie Chan for receiving the Oscars Governors Award

ET Today: Jackie Chan receives hate from netizens for Oscar Governors Award


Jackie Chan is the recipient of the 2017 Oscars Governors Award, an award that lauded his lifelong illustrious movie career.
– However, many netizens blasted him after this news broke, comparing his messy personal relationships to his career
– Ang Lee was interviewed after receiving the IBC International Honor for Excellence on Sep. 11 and asked for his thoughts on this, and he remarked happily that the Oscars are more of an American award, and must change given that the world is changing
– He further commented that Jackie Chan receiving the award was a mark of peer recognition for Asian performing artists, and he was very proud as a fellow Asian
– He also thought that this was a very good direction for the Oscars to take

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  • silvermaoh

    no matter his personal issues, Jackie Chan is known everywhere.

  • nel

    Most of Hollywood have messy shit going on behind the scenes so I don’t get what’s the point of criticizing Jackie Chan’s because of his success

  • Heartless

    true legend