SNH48’s Ju Jingyi’s pre debut photos are revealed to be greatly different from her current looks

QQ: Ju Jingyi’s old photos are revealed, the 4000 year old beauty looked so different a long time ago


Photos of Ju Jingyi’s past participation in other competitions have recently come to light, showing a very different look for the popular girl of SNH48, who is often hailed as a rare beauty who appears once in 4,000 years.



Cnetz weigh in below:

[+2,226] F*, another plastic monster

[+1,345] Her work looks quite natural! Haha

[+816] Why do I think she looks so similar to Ma Yun before she went under the knife?

[+746] Everyone, don’t waste your money for plastic surgery. The face given to us by our parents is the best. Only abnormal people would go through plastic surgery

[+169] She probably just had a few shots! That’s all the rage now

[+132] She’ll come out in a bit, saying that she had braces and different hair and make up now, how girls change as they grow up, blahblahblah

[+121] I’ve already said this before that this isn’t her, sigh!

[+119] This is so damned disgusting, I really think this bit of news is so damned boring. Seriously, there are infinite numbers of beauties in any city, don’t write about stuff like this in the future!

[+107] A successful surgery means you didn’t waste your money and go through all that pain for nothing!

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  • nel

    Yikes… There was just too many posts praising her “rare” beauty but turns out she had work done

  • 小鹿

    thanks for the snh related articles I hope theres more in the future!

    • cpoplove

      Sure sure, I see you dropped a request in the channel, that’s how to do it! The comments will get lost in a sea as time goes on…

  • TakaneNoRingo

    I really don’t care if she has plastic surgery. She’s pretty now and has a good voice… but I think that there’s prettier girls than her in snh, but don’t have enough promotion