Ariel Lin’s bold scenes with Rhydian Vaughan after marriage

Yahoo News: Ariel Lin becomes daring after marriage – has a steamy scene with Rhydian Vaughan


Ariel Lin, “No Hate Comments Goddess”, is working together with Rhydian Vaughan to bring a romantic film, “My Egg Boy”, to theaters this fall.
– The two are a couple and have many romantic kiss scenes, including a steamy scene in the kitchen
– Ariel said to Rhydian before they filmed the kitchen scene, “I trust you and place myself in your hands.”
– The two started filming immediately after that and worked together with great harmony, needing only one or two takes before the scene was completed


Ariel and Rhydian have many intimate scenes within the movie, going from kiss scenes in the freezer, a nose kiss in Northern Europe, and a cute moment in the snow.
– Ariel’s character went to find Rhydian in the kitchen with a bottle of champagne, and the two developed a steamy scene from that visit (picture above)
– Ariel  commented, “We were both really into the scene and felt very safe with each other. There was no fear at all.”
– Rhydian said, “I enjoyed myself greatly!”

“My Egg Boy” refers to a new breed of men with a tough exterior and fascinating interior, but extremely fragile as they shatter upon a touch.
– The movie will premiere on Sep. 23 and the official Facebook page can be found in this link

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